Sunday, October 18, 2009

" Obey Your Thirst "

Green, green, everywhere! We were, it seemed, in the middle of nowhere. There was no sign of human life as far as the eye could see. As we made our way steadily up the steep, quiet and lonely road, my whole body was on alert. I waited with nervous expectation for 'it' to jump out of the 'wilderness' again, into our faces. And yes, just as we had anticipated, there it was...

The Sprite billboard loomed larger than life; " Obey Your Thirst ", it said, and attached below was a sign indicating that the fuel station that we were trying to get to was now only 2km away. I heaved a sigh of relief, as I realized that we could make it there, if we just pressed on....

We had left home that morning, on a family trip into the hinterland of Benin. Everyone had told us how picturesque the route was, how serene and quiet, and also how at one point there were no settlements for several kilometres. So being the master organizer that I am, I had, as usual, overloaded the car with all sorts of contingencies for our trip. Everybody was in charge of one aspect or the other. Stuff to eat on the journey ( Mummy ), our first son; binoculars, camera, and of course Gameboys ( or whatever they're called ), and someone who shall remain nameless was to bring the drinking water!

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, everywhere looked so was also very hot. After driving for about forty minutes, we came to a point where there was a little traffic. I remember looking to my right and seeing this huge Sprite billboard, with the green bottle open, and all those little moist beads of water, well you all know what I mean, and the words " Obey Your Thirst ", I also remember thinking how nice the green bottle looked against the scenery and so on!

Another few kilometres, and another billboard! At this point, we were in a less inhabited area, and unknown to me our passengers in the back ( the children!! )were also noticing these billboards! After a while, I felt the dreaded tap on my shoulder, and then my seven year old daughter said...." Mummy, I....", Oh oh I thought, were are we going to find a bathroom here???

She tapped me again...." Mummy " she said, " I'm thirsty....I want a SPRITE!!!" Me too chorused the other two, it was then I realized that I also was craving a cold Sprite! We looked around us, there was nothing in sight, so despite their disquiet and discontent, which was becoming a little short of a mutiny, we pulled over to have a drink of water. But, guess what...that person, whom we previously agreed would remain unnamed, had forgotten to put the water in the car! Hmmmmm....

Left with no choice, we decided to drive on, literally following the billboards, until we could get to the station a few kilometres down the road, which we eventually did! On getting there, I asked everbody what they wanted to drink, and despite being a bunch of Coca Cola addicts, everbody wanted to drink Sprite!!! This got me thinking...Why? Why did everbody want a Sprite, not a Coke, not a Pamplemousse, not a Fanta, but a Sprite? Why Sprite?????

In 1957, James Vicary announced the results of an amazing six week experiment conducted in a New Jersey cinema. The words " Eat Popcorn " and " Drink Coke " were flashed several times on the movie screen, and the result was that the sales of both Coke and popcorn went up by almost 20% and 60% respectively! One does not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that this use of repititive, in your face messaging was and still is what is responsible for the success of modern day advertising techniques!

It stands to reason therefore, that we also can employ the use of repetitive, constant, positive messages, to increase our self belief, our self worth, and our ability to succeed! These messages are now popularly called Affirmations. They are powerful thought patterns that are proven to help you acheive anything you want! Many sports figures, politicians, successful business people and entertainers use affirmations to remove limiting thoughts, doubt and fear, and replace them with constant, high powered, mega charged messages!

Affirmations should be used to support your Dreams, Goals and Aspirations! They are statements, which when repeated first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and SEVERAL times in between, programme your subconcious mind and keeps you focused on what you want! Stick them all over the place! By the bathroom mirror, beside your bed, in the kitchen, by your dashboard, tattoo it on your person, if you're so inclined!

Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen suggest that personal affirmations should:
1. Be in the first person ( " I " )
2. Be in the present tense ( " AM " )
3. Include an emotional word ( e.g " PROUDLY " )
4. Include a verb ( " RUNNING " )
5. Be short ( " MY OWN BUSINESS " )


However, affirmations can also be expressed as short, three or four word statements, e.g " I CAN DO IT!", " I AM WEALTHY!", " I AM BEAUTIFUL!" etc. Affirmations can also be an expression of gratitude, for an anticipated or expected future outcome, result or situation..." I THANK GOD FOR MY BEAUTIFUL HOME IN MALIBU!", " I GIVE THANKS FOR MY MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME!", " I AM GRATEFUL FOR MY PERFECT HEALTH AND BEAUTIFUL LOOKS!" Or, they could be a combination of different styles: " I AM THANKFUL FOR MY $1,000.000 INCOME, WHICH I INTELLIGENTLY INVEST!!!"

Remember Obama's collective popular affirmation: " Yes We Can!"...look what happened!
Take the time to create affirmations in all the key areas of your life TODAY! Let them become personal and daily mantras! Repeat them over and over again, and unconciously you will find yourself changing your behaviour and thinking in line with these positive messages, which in turn will attract that which YOU want to YOU!

As we stood by the car, 'obeying our thirst', I couldn't help but marvel at the effectiveness of repitition on the mind! Repeat these words out loud...





Good Luck!


  1. Powerful write-up; had goose pimples as I was reading it. are talented at writing; you kept me in suspense! Amazing how messages/inscriptions we read impact on our sensibility. I strongly believe in affirmation cos our thought/speech influence our behaviour. Thanks for sharing.

    Eunice Oviawe-Jones

  2. i suppose you and several renown authors are right about this personal affirmation thing. speaking for myself, my life path is so precise that its either i do the tasks thereon and have a life, or i dont and fail totally at life; and having had a vision of the latter, i would rather not have it. On my path, no, i cant, i wont arent options.
    Whatever i have to do, i set about it immediately (i 'chook' head) in the understanding that once i overcome the inertia in the task, i am well on my way and its then all about kinetics.