Thursday, May 28, 2009

And Barcelona Are The New Champions!

His temperature was just slightly over thirty-nine degrees. The results from the test he took showed a high incidence of malaria parasites in his blood. As he sat, huddled, cold, slightly delirious, beside me yesterday night, I was pretty worried, as any parent would be.

' The Elephant Never Gets Tired Of Carrying It's Tusks. '- Liberia

We call Majid, my first son, a horse. He never gets sick, and even when he is not feeling well he pushes it back, and out of his system, something he learned from me. In fact our doctor in Lagos asked a few years ago, if she could conduct a study on Majid and I, since despite having bloodtype AA ( I'm no medical expert, so you must forgive any mistakes in my terminology ), we had never had malaria ( up till Tuesday, touch wood). So, my concern can only be imagined, when two days ago, early in the morning, he knocked on our bedroom door, and in a raspy voice, said " Mummy I don't feel too well ", and collapsed on me. We rushed him to the doctor, and 'they said', it was malaria, they gave him some injections, medication, and all those things they give to mosquito victims!

' What You Do Not Recognize As Deadly Will Not Kill You. ' - Uganda

Ok, let's see how all this ties in with Barcelona being the new UEFA Champions! Last night I decided to watch the Finals, I am not a football expert, nor even a fan, but I was very aware that Manchester United was playing against Barcelona, and here is why; Maj and I share a common lecturer, ( we are both Law students in the same university ), I am in my third year, and he is in his first. Anyway, this gentleman, who shall remain nameless, and clueless about this post, I hope.. lol, is a SERIOUS Man U fan, and whatever happens to Man U, affects us all, so you can now understand why, with our end of semester exams coming up, I decided to stay up and 'pray' for the Cup to end up in England!

' The Haughty Blind Person Picks A Fight With His Guide. ' - Ethiopia

So here we are in front of the T.V, Tom, Majid (he insisted he could watch), and I. The first ten minutes was fantastic, in fact Man U was playing so well, that I was tempted to go ahead and text our lecturer a congratulatory message! Anyway, I decided to get up to get a drink, when I heard Majid croaking...I shot to my feet, and rushed to his side...he was saying, " ggg "..." gggoo "..." gggoooaaall!! " I said, " who...what...where...???" And truly, when I turned to look at the T'V, Samuel Eto'o of Barcelona had scored the first goal of the match. Tom didn't even see it, but I guess he was distracted by my.....( I know you all want to know by my what...but I'm not telling!! )

' Home Affairs Are Not Talked About In The Public Square! ' - Kenya

From that point on everything changed. Man U slacked, lost an early advantage and never got back into the game, the rest as they say is history ( a very different history from the one that they, Man U, had anticipated making )...and that leaves us with one very angry lecturer to contend with! However, watching that match last night was a real eye opener for me. I learned so many things, and came to the realization that, we can learn so much from everything we do, whether it's in our leisure time or otherwise.

' The Possessor May Become The Dispossessed. ' - Kenya

Men are so into football these days, but I wonder how many people 'see' beyond the game. Oh oh, here she goes again...must she take everything so seriously ? Can we not just sit down and watch a good game without being reminded of 'Planning', 'Succeeding', and worst of all 'GOAL Setting' ? Well the answer is yes, you can, but while watching other people kick around a ball, and making millions of dollars in the process, check out the similarities between 'The Beautiful Game' and Life, and while you're doing that, apply some of the rules, which all men know so well ( they're ALL experts! ) , to your own game...The Game Of Life!

' An Old Woman Is Uneasy When Dry Bones Are Mentioned In A Proverb. ' - West Africa

Think about this for just a few minutes;

1. Most men carefully plan, where and with whom they are going to watch a game. The more important the match, the more detailed the plans, and this they do in advance.
2. All football lovers, especially the males, know the rules, and more...they read up on it, brag about it, and speak about it, at any opportunity.
3. Men are very loyal to their teams. It doesn't matter if they win or lose, they always keep hope alive and talk about 'a next time', or 'another season.'
4. Men focus their whole attention on the game, they are very difficult to distract at this time, except for maybe Tom....
5. No matter their current condition or position (remember Majid and the malaria ), their interest never wanes.
6. Football fans exhibit the craziest optimism, I have a friend who is an Arsenal fan, and I believe his motto must be 'No Retreat No Surrender', and thus in the face of sure defeat, they still boast, gamble, and hope for victory!
7. Many people brag about how many years they've supported a club. They know the
history of the players, how much they are worth,to the last cent,they can even speculate on where they will move to, and how much they will be paid!

' An Abundance Of Food At Your Neighbour's Will Not Satisfy Your Hunger. ' - Central Africa

I could list a hundred more things to reflect on, but I won't. But, what I will ask you to do is this; substitute the word 'Football' with 'Life'. What you will find out is that alot of people do the exact opposite from what they do with football, where their lives are concerned. They do not plan, lack passion, do not know their own value, do not project their next moves, do not know the rules needed to achieve, and generally are disloyal to themselves! Does this mean that the results of a game are more important than your success in life? Does this mean that people are more interested in football, than in life itself? Think about it!

On the other hand there are the very positive aspects of the game, and the spooky similarities with life.

1. Football (Life) is a competitive game.
2. You either win or lose.
3. You must play by the rules, and when you don't there are sanctions, some that might even get you sent out of the game for life.
4. All eyes are always on the goalpost.
5. Failure to keep your eye on the ball can cost you.
6. Some players are better than others, and this is usually either as a result of discipline, practice, and or natural abilities that have been developed.
7. If you're on the bench, you're not in the game, no matter how good you may be.
8. You need to be part of a team to succeed.
9. The more cohesive the team, the more their chances at success.
10. Sometimes the fans want victory more than the players themselves,this usually results in failure (Nigerian national team - A Case Study!)
11. Practice counts. Practice, Expertise and Skills are everything!
12. There are certain techniques and methods which when practised guaranty success.
13. The game is getting better and better, the stakes keep rising.
14. Victory is sweet! ' Tous Les Monde Aime Une Gagner! '( All the world loves a winner )
15. Spectators pay to watch footballers make money ( that's my favorite part! )
16. There is alot of money in the game, but you must be a player, one way or the other.

' I Can't Do It Never Yet Accomplished Anything. I Will Try Has Performed Wonders! ' - Will Rogers

Well people, if I say You Can Do It, am I encouraging some of my over 40, 'shot in the knees' friends, to go and play professional football??? Why not....just joking lol! No, that is not what this is about. This is about setting goals for yourself, proceeding to intelligently follow through, and subsequently, win the Game...your Game, this Game called Life! Remember the goal you want to reach is that which you've set for yourself. This is personal. You don't have to prove anything to anybody but you, but this should not be used as an excuse not to try! Do something towards achieving your goals today!!

' Rising Early Makes The Road Short! ' - Senegal

And Yes; 'You Can Do It!'

Congratulations Barcelona, on a game well played, and a victory well earned!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Locating The G-Spot ! !

The G-Spot is not a myth. It is a term used to describe the area of the female v***** that might contain an errogeneous zone, which when stimulated leads to high levels of sexual arousal and powerful o****** . It was first described by a gynecologist from Berlin in 1950, called Ernst Grafenburg, but it wasn't until the late 1970's when new research corroborated his findings, that the term, named after him, became famous.

So where is it? How can you master it? And finally, what can you do with it!!!
Somehow I feel I have your attention at this point Lol..halleluyah!! Ok guys be patient, I am going to answer, even though I know that you all probably know already...but before I reveal my 'findings', let us talk about one spot that arouses me, one spot that leads us to powerful... discoveries, that spot, which if understood, will take us to that 'zone' which many can only dream of...the 'X' Spot!!

'X' marks the Spot...and yes if you were all excited to read about the G-Spot, please be doubly excited about this! The X-Spot is not a myth. The X-Spot is the intersection where Opportunity meets Strategy, and it is equal to Success, though to the uninitiated it is refered to as Luck!!

Opportunity is defined, as a time when a particular situation makes it possible to do or achieve something; Strategy, as a plan that is intended to achieve a particular purpose; Success, as the achievement of something you want, or have been TRYING to do or get, and Luck...unfortunately the definition does not come up in my dictionary!

' Everything You Need Or Want Has A Way Of Showing Up As Soon As You Are Ready For It ', or as another person put it; ' Opportunity Doesn't Knock. You Knock And Opportunity Answers ', and yet another; '...Nothing Happens In Your Life Until You Make Something Happen.'

It is time to Move Up and Ahead, it is time to Break Through to the next level, never an easy task, but not to difficult either! All it takes is Planning (strategy), and Perseverance. Be ready for the opportunities that MUST come! Be clear about what you want, that way, you will be able to recognize it when it is upon you! Observe 'lucky' people that you know, and note what they did to get that way! Develop partnerships and alliances with others to improve your chances at success! Take Action today! As Harry Truman said 'A Pessimist Is One Who Makes Difficulties Of His Opportunities, And An Optimist Is One Who Makes Opportunities Of His Difficulties.'

I know you all, especially the men(...and women too,if truth be told!), are like...the 'G-Spot' Shade, the 'G-Spot' I will say this, if you can find the X-Spot, you can find the G-Spot too and vice versa, all you have to do is exert as much attention as you do on the one as the other!!

I will end this post with a few quotes that I love!

' A Man Who Misses His Opportunity, And A Monkey Who Misses His Branch Cannot Be Saved.'
' Success Always Comes When Preparation Meets Opportunity.'
' The Sure Way To Miss Success Is To Miss The Opportunity.'
' Small Opportunities Are Often The Begining Of Great Enterprises.'
' The Great Secret Of Success In Life Is For A Man To Be Ready When His Opportunity Comes.'
' Only A Medicine Man Gets Rich By Sleeping!'

Have a good week, and remember...'You Can Do It!' (Find the Spot, that is!!!!!)